Thursday, 24 November 2011

I Have Seen True Evil

I have a confession to make. Well it is not a confession since I have done nothing wrong (nothing!) it is more of an admission but if I say that I have an admission to make then it sounds like I’m just letting people into a cinema [or an equivalent place which requires some sort of ticket] any way, to get to the thrilling and exciting point of this rambling monologue; I have a certain anxious fear of Ewoks.

As a child I dreamt they disguised themselves as care bears by wearing the skins of said care bears, they then used this genius disguise to convince my family that they were nice and cuddly and friendly before removing the skins and slaughtering said family one by one with laser guns, until I was left alone hiding in a cupboard. I realise that the Ewoks did not have laser guns in the Star Wars Trilogy (there are only three as far as I am concerned) but as a small and impressionable child I must have gotten confused and believed that they did, besides it is not entirely inconceivable that the little pointy toothed gits stole Han Solo’s laser gun thingy while they had him tied up (because they were going to eat him, because they are evil). 

Now the reason I have brought this up (I’m sure I had a reason) must be due to the fact that after having watched the first two episodes of ‘Life’s too short’ (which should have been called ‘Life’s Short’) I have been exposed to the imagery of the Ewoks once again and this childhood trauma has come to the forefront of my mind.

However it is a jolly good show and I am rather overexcited about seeing Helena Bonham Carter in the next episode, for I love her. And that other one she hangs out with a bit, he’s good too.  

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