Monday, 20 February 2012

A Guest Blogger!

Bamboozle at his work station

Well since I am far too lazy to keep writing these things I have decided to commission a small monkey that I met at a dinner party. His name is Bamboozle and he is willing to work for peanuts and gin. 

I must make it clear that this is all Bamboozle's own work, I have had no influence and have not edited the piece. 

If you find it sickeningly violent then I suggest you avoid monkey literature in the future.

A Story i Wrote
There was once a brave and handsome monkey with an orange belly, he was the hero of his village he would always save the day. One day he was looking for Bananas in the jungle when he was attacked by big ugly poachers. They tried to capture him and use his belly to make a purse, but  the brave monkey fought off the horrible men and bit their bums! aha! he then cut the brakes on their jeep so when they drove off they crashed. While the men sat bleeding and unconscious in theur jeep the brave monkey asphyxiated them all to death, he then skinned them alive just like they had planned to do to him. He used their collective skins to craft a large Gazebo for all the monkeys of his village, he used the poachers bones as tent pegs and their brains as scatter cushions. That night the whole village had a party and the Brave monkey with the orange belly got off with loads of girl monkeys! 
The End

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