Thursday, 19 April 2012

Even I find this offensive.

Right, well unfortunately I have to report that I have yet another distasteful guest blog from Bamboozle (or Bam for short).

He has started writing poetry now. I don’t think he quite has the hang of it to be honest, but then since I am not a fan of poetry I am hardly one to comment.

this is 'im on skype innit
In fact, in all likelihood the weirdo’s that do like poetry will probably see some sort of ‘raw-truth’ in this kind of filthy rubbish, which is the only reason I am stooping to become its rather unwilling publisher.

Well here you go; this is a relatively short and awful one. But it is somewhat inoffensive:

I am Bam, Not Ram, Cam or Lamb, not sam, spam or sham, not fam not, or even dam
i am bam, the only bam!
or else

Wonderful isn’t it? Yes well, swiftly moving on.

If Tracey Emin can win a prize for drawing graffiti on a tent, then I suppose Bam ought to have a fair whack with this muck:

Bam! Goes The van as it hits the man,
Ants in mepants as i blow up france
Mutz Eating nutz which exploded in their gutz
Bun on a nun, Naked in the sun
Ouch! Goes the grouch as i sewed on a pouch
Oops and whoops i did a poops.
Zap! goes the chap as i wake him from his nap
Lick, Flick and Stick my shit, Quick
Ergo, the Hoe was slow, but in the Know
Dip my willy in some sick!


  1. Harry Potter is a wizard, I know because I saw his lizard

    1. Whoever constructed that piece of literary gold is a genius! Bam however, is an idiot.