Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Just a quick note about important stuff

So I have been told by a guru that you are all interested in reviews and profiles on celebrities and all that tosh; so that is what my blogs should be about.

In reference to this I have decided to review the film: The Dramatic Chipmunk:

Now there are many different versions of 'The Dramatic Chipmunk'. There is a minute long one with some Japanese girls, there are a few with 'hilarious' paint-shop-pro extras and then there are a load of other dramatic animals cashing in on the original 'Dramatic Chipmunk': 

However none quite have the gravitas of the original. I feel that 'The Dramatic Chipmunk' speaks to us in a way that many other films cannot, tis not the unexpected which reaches us, for we know it shall be dramatic, and we now that the drama shall come forth from a Chipmunk, yet the gratification we obtain through the visual representation of our expectations still draws a joy which cannot be replicated:

And thus on this revelation we end this exploration of the deeper meaning in that which we find and turn our attention instead to the trivial: 

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