Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Don't be stressed!


I’m all like ‘stressed’ in the workplace.

I’m strapped into a cardboard warehouse, dreaming of space travel but doomed to a fairytale land.

This is stressy.

So I thought you must be the same what with this ‘having things in common’ people go on about and I decided I would share my solution for dealing with office based stress.

YOGA! Yeah office yoga, I was all thinking, that’ll be nice, get me all relaxed and get rid of my headache and stop the darkness rising from the shadows where the evil lurks etc

So here is some photos of some random people's suggestions of discreet yoga positions for the office based workplace:

This one is from the ‘Institute of Serenity’ – nothing bad will happen if you do this in a crowded office.

Kinetic Vigilantes’ (no I don’t know what that means either) reckon this one is better than chocolate, so we'll all do ten of these, come on, hope on it!


And this one is my favourite. It is the one I practice most of the day and is recommended by the ‘rejuvenation lounge’ as they call themselves….

So there you go, sorted, say no more about it.
Now watch this:

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