Friday, 14 September 2012

More gold than I can eat!

Hello Friends and freaks alike!

probably a woman...
I was so chilly last night I had blankets on me and only my little nose was sticking out the top. For all Cat burglars (and other small mammal burglars) ‘tis a sad, sad time, for last night was the first night of this jolly new season that all me windows was closed.

Oh well, maybe next year lads! (Or lasses, I’m not one to be sexist and assume women can’t be cat burglars, I mean, look at catwoman, she was a woman!)

Anyhoo, I’m on here to make a possible new announcement about something that is gonna make me an internet sensation!

I’ve written a whole chapter for a book! Yeah I know! I did it all by meself! It’s prolly only gonna be a couple of chapters, cos I get really bored of working on the same project for too long. (Not that I’m bored of “The Amazing Story”! Oh lord no, I just love having that dead weight hanging around my neck dragging me down into a black ocean of waking nightmares, it’s great)

So I don’t wanna bore you with this project by telling you how great it is, I’m just gonna show you: (this is a quote)

““Yeah, I’m alright.” Said Derek, glazing over, as he stared upwards at Marjorie’s gargantuan mass. If he tried not to focus then he could convince himself that it was not to a human he spoke, but to an out of place, badly decorated van, with a tannoy system.”

The story is about working in an office in Romford. But it is mainly about Zombies.

I’m gonna enter it for the Man Booker Prize, or the Lady Booker Prize, or the Orange Award or sumfink. It’s gonna make me rich enough to buy an island on a lake.

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