Monday, 5 November 2012

How to deal with Christmas Songs

They are here already. They have been for some time. I believe I heard the first one way back in September. But as one swallow does not mean summer, so one Christmas song does not mean the satanic, capitalist, greed fest is upon us.

However with just a few weeks to go, we are now inundated. They pour out at us from every musical orifice you can imagine, and I know you can imagine a few!

What to do? What to do?

Well, first of all I shall waste some blog space by telling you about this one time I worked in a shop.

Yes I know it seems unlikely that I was successful in offering decent customer service to anyone ever, but actually I worked in shops for years. Years and years and years; until my ears bled from the petty complaints of the common masses; I think these years may have had something of an effect on how I now view the human race today.

Anyway, to get to the point (there’s a point!?) we had one 60 minute tape (yes, tape, get over it) we worked roughly 8 hour shifts, so you can imagine how we felt about that music after several months. So when, in September, we received a new tape, we shoved that in the tape box as quick as a snitch.

Lo and behold! A whole new circle of hell awaited us; cheaply reproduced Disney ‘classics’.

This does make me wonder if there will be songs in the new Star Wars films… I think I would want that to happen just so I could laugh at people’s outrage.

Anyhoo erm yes… This is supposed to be a ‘How To’ on dealing with Christmas songs, but frankly there is no answer. It is hell on earth, so if you can’t break all the little music boxes in the shops, or just listen to something else then I can’t help you.

So sod off.

Now here’s some Star Wars music:

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