Thursday, 6 December 2012

Blog World

Apparently there is something called a ‘blogosphere’.

It isn’t a sphere, it is more like a few puddles of dribbling, sycophantic, feint praise. A dirty little show-and-tell where everyone says that everyone else’s story is the best whilst sitting in an incestuous little daisy chain of second-hand love juice.
this is what the filthy thing looks like

They are all so desperately hoping that someone will read their words that they spend precious hours reading someone else’s and it has turned into a self perpetuating circle of drivel, more drivelling than my own.


I had considered this whole ‘optimisation’ thingy; I had considered using strange methods in order to become an internet sensation, but once you scratch the surface of the little termite mound of vomitty dribble you soon realise there is nought but emptiness within.

This blog, yes the one you have your face stuck to, is my little vent hole, my little whaley blow hole, from forth this blow hole comes my mind and I think I shall keep my precious mind splatter just between us.

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