Wednesday, 12 December 2012


This actually may not be true, we won’t know until everyone is dead, and then that statement can be verified. 
Apocalypse Meow, apparently

But moving on, you all like a good threat don’t you? You crazy twits.

“Oh no, it’s the end of the world!” – it’s been the frikken imminent end of the world since the human mind developed a perception of time. So get over it. 

But today you are all having a little happy-share-freak-out over today’s date. 

For the people among you who never know what’s going on, today’s date is: 12/12/12.
Ooooohhhh spooky! Not really. But whatever. 

Apparently you ALL believe that this is the last repetitive date you will EVER see.

So what? I couldn’t give a monkeys. 

HANG ON A MINUTE!!!! Just you wait there a second… really? The last repetitive date? (I assume we all just forget about the ‘20’ bit? Even tho we know the trouble it can cause? Ok fine, whatever)

So… what about 01.01.01 (for stupid people: 1st of January 2101)? That is a repetitive date. 

(I’m leaving this bit blank to give that statement time to sink into your marzipan mind)

YEEEeeeEEESS… that’s the thing with cyclical calendars, they keep going around and around.

If Jeanne Calment lived to be 122 (And she was born in the flippen 1870’s) Then I jolly well intend to live at least another 89 years. 

Yes, I will concede that some of you are already pretty creaky… and some of you are so stupid it is a miracle that you have made it thus far, however have a little thinky think before you lie back and assume you won’t make it out of this century alive.

I’m going to need someone to rub my rancid toeless feet…

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