I began my comedy career in 1985 with an uproarious routine in which I would recreate Postman Pat reaction faces, to this day, I am often asked for an encore from my more dedicated fans. I then followed this up by writing the (unintentionally) hilarious play ‘The Gateway Ghost’ in which a deceased supermarket worker would move cans of beans around, late at night. I forget why. The play gained rave reviews over its very short run which was forced to an abrupt end after a Yorkshire terrier absconded with the ghost. 

Throughout the 90’s I continued to write and perform comic art at small venues, to the delight of many an audience and the despair of many a substitute teacher, then in the early 2000’s I made several comic cameo appearances in Fringe theatre in London and independent film, during which I had the enviable opportunity to have my breasts cast in latex. It was not a flattering experience.

It wasn’t until 2010 that I went back to writing and then performing my own material to the delight of youtuber’s and festival goers alike, first as part of the comedy duoCleverDicks’ and later on with my own stand up routines.

Although I have never had the privilege of appearing on either radio or television personally, my father is in the background of UKIP MP Douglas Carswell's twitter picture.

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