Another Ministerial Metamorphosis 
Strange goings on in Whitehall in this Kafka-inspired short-story for Disclaimer magazine. 

Strong Female Character
A series of web sketches with a strong female character, who is simultaneously strong and female.

Jesus in Space
Jesus floats about in space dispensing wisdom.

John and Jane Investigate
Join John and Jane on their adventures as they right the world's wrongs with quick thinking and derring-do!

The Magic Professor
This film, made as part of the 2013 Colchester Film Festival’s 48-hour film challenge, is a light-hearted parody of a rather well known time travelling doctor.

A six chapter novella packed with comedy that will make you feel sick and slightly ashamed.

Derek is a miserable git, bursting with impotent rage toward his co-workers; there’s morbidly obese Marjorie, the self-important Administrator, Deborah, Gavin, the slim-line-suit-wearing, blue-eyed, berk of a team-leader. Then the Romford based office is attacked by a horde of naked, face-eating zombies. What happens next is a rip-roaring, gut-busting, overwhelmingly satisfying, killing fest. 

Parkwick Sports Day
With actors improvising all the dialogue, this short mockumentary focuses on one busybody’s commitment to arranging a noncompetitive sports event during the summer of 2012. 

The anthology contains 'Petunias and a Bottle of the Captain's Finest' which is a terrible tale of result’s day, rum and ‘Yodkas’ induced decisions. 

This collection of amusing short stories includes 'By Close Of Play': When pterodactyl-witch-boss, Verity sends her long-suffering assistant Geoff to collect and sign for her dodgy accounts, what should be a straightforward matter of printing a few pages of A4, turns into a chaotic race against time.

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